Aircraft Mechanics Lien
has highly trained IACP Certified Appraisers who will visit the Mechanics Shop on your behalf and perform a Visual Inspection and IACP Certified Actual Cash Value Appraisal (ACV) and current condition of the aircraft subject to a mechanics lien foreclosure.

Lien Holders

Are you a concerned Bank, Credit Union, Attorney, or Interested Party who has received notice of a Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure via Certified Mail Pursuant under the Texas Property Code Chapter 70, Sections 70.001 – 70.008), in regards to a vehicle or asset that you or your organization may have financial interest?

You must contact Aircraft Mechanics Lien at 1-877-845-2368 to satisfy in person Lienholder Verifications on Mechanics Liens in the State of Texas. Our IACP Certified Appraisers have experience with:

  • Lienholder Loan Defaults
  • Abandoned or Left Behind Aircraft
  • Repossessions and Seized Property
  • Stolen Aircraft  
  • Aircraft Towed by Law Enforcement
  • Aircraft Hangar / Storage Facility Liens
  • Landlord Liens
  • Self-Storage Facility Liens
  • Unpaid Insurance Claims
  • All Title & Documentation Problems

Filing a Mechanics Lien in Texas? Contact Houston Auto Appraisers for assistance at 1-877-845-2368.